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Leon Hatot

Leon Hatot is one of the Swatch Group's top producers of luxury women's watches. These watches are made especially for those women who like to be in the spotlight. Leon Hatot watches have automatic Swiss-made quartz movements. These watches are made to express women's passion and taste. There are different collections with different designs and styles that will definitely please the most demanding connoisseurs of luxury watches. The Mae and Aimay models of Leon Hatot luxury watches are very catchy because of their vibrant colors. Other examples the Luelia and Zelia collections, which are interesting because of their traditional look and high popularity among the customers. The most original and uncommon collection is the Chrono Heartbreaker. This luxury watch for women has the heart-shaped dial with a sapphire crystal. This collection is very feminine and delicate. 

Every collection of Leon Hatot luxury watch brand deserves attention because they can add elegance to any woman's costume, and are eye-catching for sure. The Leon Hatot brand is the youngest one of Swatch's luxury brands. It was created in 1905. After the death of its founder Leon Hatot, the company seemed to have finished its existence. But in 1999, the Swatch luxury watch brand gave the Leon Hatot watchmaking business the second life. Keeping with the traditions of the brand to produce fine watches for women, the Leon Hatot luxury watches business continue to create great high-end watches with their unrepeatable style and charm.

The sketches of watches by Leon Hatot are a rare treat for watch connoisseurs, and are still highly valued in the business of high end watches production. They combined sophisticated shades of color, different themes of different countries. The watches seem to be real jewelry art pieces. These sketches and patterns helped to create charming items that have no analogues anywhere in the world. All watches of the Leon Hatot luxury watch brand are created strictly by the sketches of Leon Hatot. The watches of the brand also feature a sliding cover that helps to use them as a fine accessory. The exclusive products are decorated with rare gems giving them incomparable appearance - this is one of the secrets of the success of the Leon Hatot luxury watch brand.

There are Leon Hatot boutiques in eight different countries, but most of them are in the United States: in Beverly Hills, Chicago, and on Wall Street in New York. Even after the death of the founder Leon Hatot, it can be noticed that he is still living behind his name and still inspires the creation of best luxury watches for women all over the world.