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Lang & Heyne

MARCO LANG was born in 1971 in Thuringia, and then at the age of four, he moved with his parents and sister to Dresden. His father Rolf Lang was a watchmaker, and Marco, being the son of a watchmaker, could observe the process of his father’s watches creation from his early childhood. Until 1990, his father was the chief restorer in the town’s technical department that stored one of the most significant unique designer watches collections in the world. At first, his father advised his son to study the basics of metalwork, and later sent Marco to Glashütte to learn "Precision mechanics” for three years. So, that is how Marco Lang has become inspired by watchmaking.

After Germany had united, Marco Lang studied at Eno Flesneru, a luxury watch expert from North Germany. During seven years as an apprentice, he devoted himself to all that related to the manufacture of pendulum. He got a certificate of a watches production master and came back to Dresden. Marco Lang has established his own business In Dresden, as the creator and restorer of designer watches. That was the way how Marco Lang achieved his famous name. 

In 2001, his father Rolf Lang, being the watches master in "A. Lange & Söhne" factory, involved his first student Mirko Heyne into the high end watches creation business. Marco Lang and Mirko Heyne founded the watch manufactory "Lang & Heyne”, and their partnership was very successful. Just one year later, "Lang & Heyne" submitted its first two completely new models of watches at Baselworld. They got a huge quantity of orders from customers. In 2002, Mirko left "Lang & Heyne" because of misunderstanding with Marco concerning their future partnership. Nevertheless, the name of the famous watches company still consists of the names of two talented watchmakers. 

In 2003, Marco Lang sold his shop to merge deeper into the creation of designer watches. His art of watches production he realized in Dresden with a group of encouraged luxury watches lovers. The “Lang & Heyne” watches factory found its new home there. In one of the villas in the green regions of Dresden, Lang worked with the same encouraged employees. The new small workshop produced exclusive series of designer watches of 30 to 40 copies annually. Each sold model came with Marco’s own signature.

In 2005, Marco Lang became a member of AHCI, an international association of independent creators of watches. The “Lang & Heyne" luxury watches company follows the oldest watches tradition, producing high end watches. At www.300watches.com, you can find the best “Lang & Heyne" luxury watches. The preowned and used Lang & Heyne luxury watches are available as well. You can buy different Lang & Heyne luxury watches online.