The Krieger company founded by Ira Krieger in 1988 is a producer of super-precise luxury watches. Every Krieger watch has an extremely complicated mechanism and attractive design. Moreover, its chronograph watches for men and women have leadership positions in the sphere of fine watchmaking. The history of Krieger watches started with a creation of the timepiece that could determine the time of tides and ebbs. The first branded Tidal Watch was an unusual and extremely functional tool that brought a huge success to the company.

The Krieger watch brand started to produce models for marines or people interested in this sphere of life. In the nineties, this company also released a collection of chronograph watches for sportsmen and sports fans. Additionally, in 2006, the Krieger watch brand issued the renewed collection of the famous Tidal watches. Its timepieces powered by a quartz movement had a 44mm stainless steel case and an anti-reflective sapphire glass. Their water resistance was up to 600 meters. Moreover, in 2007, the company released the third generation of Tidal Krieger watches with water resistance up to 800 meters!

Today the Krieger watch brand is a synonym of high-class Swiss quality, innovations, smart design, and status. Every watch by this company is made for reliable and flawless work. You can buy perfect Krieger watches at very attractive prices here, at Furthermore, you may easily obtain the accessory you like in an unworn or gently used condition.