The Jules Jergensen trademark is one of the most famous and oldest producers of high-end watches. Jorgen Jergensen was the man who took a great interest in a creation of luxury watches and set off for Switzerland to gain experience and develop his acquirements in this sphere. He was able to do it with the help of the famous Swiss guru of chronometry J. F. Houriet. Then, Jergensen entered into a partnership with Isaac Larpent, who also was the prominent watchmaker.

Jules Jergensen and Isaac Larpent founded their company in 1740 in Denmark. For several centuries, this company was one of the greatest producers of the best luxury watches in Europe. Moreover, American president James Buchachan presented the pocket watch by this brand to the captain Westman in 1858. 

Lois and Jules who were the sons of founders continued the business. They started to produce the items of prestige watches by the name of “Urban Jergensen & Sons” and they started to manufacture the modern watches of precious materials. The achievements of the company have paid off, and soon the fame of these patterns of fine watches spread all over the world, bringing in an incredible success. The sale level was extremely high, even in the USA from 1848 to 1878. This company broke through in the sphere of watch art. 

The original samples of Jules Jergensen luxury watches are accomplished in attractive classical manner. Every model of this trademark has three hands and includes a date window on the three o’clock position. Moreover, there are Roman numerals, which marker the hours on the dial of this luxury watch. Usually, these models have the Quartz or automatic movement. In addition, the ESA motor, which was filled in in 1967, powers the mechanism of the rare pieces from the collections of Jules Jergensen trademark.

Any timepiece of Jules Jergensen high-end watches is a pride of a true collector. This watch is an incredible example of elegance, high-class quality and mastery of Swiss watchmakers. Among the collections of this trademark, you can find a set of modern elite accessories of precious materials or stainless steel. There are also the models, which are adorned with diamonds or reflect magnificent gorgeous vintage fashion. In addition, this brand is a producer of fabulous and credible articles of chronograph watches for men and women. 

The Jules Jergensen is a trademark for people who appreciate true quality, magnificent history and fantastic design of true Swiss luxury watches, keeping up with the time. It is not so easy to choose the most brilliant exemplar from the range, where every timepiece has its own individual charming attractiveness. Anyway, we warrant you the authenticity of our samples of fine watches. Moreover, 300watches high end watches is your credible information source in the sphere of elite watch.