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Jorg Hysek

Jorg Hysek, the founder of the Jorg Hysek watches company, started his career with designing watches for such famous companies as Cartier, Ebel, and Rolex. For today, Hysek is the main innovator in the contemporary world of high-end watches and also one of the owners of the inimitable HD3 brand. However, at the beginning of Jorg Hysek’s professional career, people did not want to buy his vanguard watches. Only in the course of time, this uncommon brand has become very popular, largely thanks to the style of its timepieces.

All Jorg Hysek watches have a special strong character. The most popular brand's collections are Kilada, Abyss, Verdict, Phenomeno, and Duna. Each of them is the best representation of the outstanding mastery of this watchmaker. Jorg Hysek watches combine fantastically modern and very traditional elements at the same time. This fact just proves high professionalism, genius, and strong personality of Hysek, which are embodied in his design solutions and precise reliable mechanisms.

After such a presentation of the brand, one may have a thought that Jorg Hysek watches have very high prices, but it is not quite so. Jorg Hysek watches are not the most expensive watches in the market, but they are still very exclusive and collectible items. These days, to wear one of these watches means to underline your uniqueness, sense of style, and high social position.