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Jean Marcel

Every sample of luxury watches by the Jean Marcel brand has handmade elements of true high-class Swiss quality. Experience and mastery of talented experts enable the creation of the most precise and attractive patterns of prestige watches. This trademark is famous by its perfect conception of design with interesting smart peculiarities as bi-color watch and fantastic functionality. This brand is a creator of one of the best articles of chronograph watches for men in the whole world.

The history of this trademark started with a jewelry working shop in a German town near the Swiss border. However, one of the members of this jewelry production admired making the first-rate mechanical watches. Afterwards, the first manufactory of this watchmaking company was opened in Biel and his founder Adolf Gagenbach begged permission for the German designer Jean Marcel to use his name as a trading name. Then, the company started producing its fantastic examples of fine watches, using a variety of materials: from stainless steel and brass to precious metals incrusted with diamonds.

Juergen Kuhn was the man who did his best to direct the company to the development of the best luxury watches in 1994. Moreover, this trademark enclosed a lot of money in the advertisement and marketing to be in demand. The headship of the Jean Marcel brand chose the USA as the major market for their masterpieces of watchmaking.

This producer of high-end watches has four the most famous collections. The first collection is Semper; there are classic examples of automatic watches, which include chronographs and date window. The Gravis collection is a set of elegant waterproof watch with automatic movement; it is a limited collection, which has only 300 exemplars.

Quadrum is the third gorgeous collection of Swiss watches with square cases and straps of stainless steel or natural leather. In addition, this dazzling trademark has one more magnificent Platinum collection of pocket prestige watches. Every article from this range is an unbelievable masterpiece of watch art. This collection includes silver, rose-gold, and diamond watches.

Every luxury watch by the Jean Marcel brand is a specimen of a marvelous classic graceful design in combination with innovative precise mechanisms. Moreover, every timepiece by this company is equipped with many useful functions. You can become an owner of the true rare piece of high-end luxury watches, which has great quality and very attractive look.

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