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Invicta that is translated from Latin as unconquerable was founded by Raphael Picard in Switzerland in 1837, when he suggested the idea that Swiss watches should be sold at fair prices. The firm had been creating automatic timepieces during a century. After the presentation of quartz watches in the 70s, the company vanished but soon after, returned and has since recommended itself as a brand that makes high-end watches and pays attention to every detail of its design.

The Invicta Group has quickly got ahead in the watchmaking sphere. It can help customers to learn how to keep their Invicta timepiece in good condition. The same as in case with 300watches.com. Our website can give you more information about your Invicta watch and will see about every detail.

As many other watch brands, Invicta has an exquisite collection of timepieces that won`t leave you indifferent. You can find high-end watches for men and women with variety of movements, either as automatic timepiece or the quartz watch. Invicta also offers reliable timepieces for sportsmen and splendid diamond watches for women. The name Invicta evokes images of best luxury watches with the most advanced materials that a luxury watch may have. The company owes its vogue to their renovated designs; nowadays these timepieces can be seen on men, women, businessmen and even children.

The aim of the Invicta establisher was to make timepieces for everyone and he is still keeping to his idea. It has a faithful clientage and the reputation of one of the most esteemed watchmaking companies. You may think that an accostable Swiss watch is a bad quality timepiece, but Invicta has ruined this stereotype. They make good timepieces at excellent prices.

Not long ago, Invicta has released its item of chronograph watches for youth who is aware of high-quality timepieces. It has a variety of lines and patterns for every individual. Among the variety of Invicta collections, we should mention Invicta Sea Spider, created by hand, with extraordinary technology on timepieces for gentlemen and ladies. This timepiece has different combinations and colors, and polyurethane strap, accomplished of steel. The watch is also very light and can be easily moved from one place to another. Many personalities who are always in the center of attention prefer Invicta watches. For example, an American television celebrity Matthew Settle, the German cycling team and other people from the artistic and fashion worlds. Of course, this provides extra advertising of the company.

One of the most prominent collections of luxury watches by brand Invicta is the Invicta Angel designed for men and women. These timepieces can be worn daily or for the special occasions. Invicta watches are successfully sold not only in the European market, but also in the Latin American market. Here, at 300watches.com, we are glad to present you Invicta prestige watches. Visit our website if you want to get a particular Invicta model with top of the line mechanisms.