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Ice Tek

Ice Tek is exuberant with diamonds, colors, and technologies that commend attention of every luxury watches enthusiast. Ice Tek was founded by Daniel Pasternak and Greg Cummings in 2003, in New York. Such function as five time zones is what distinguishes Ice Tek fine watches.

Many celebrities prefer Ice Tek timepieces. For example, a hip hop music performer 50 Cent has a passion to the admirable nature of its diamond watches. In 2004, the music producer P. Diddy shared his interest in becoming a stockholder in Ice Tek. This provided a significant growth of sales to the brand and its watches.

For the celebrities, the company`s high-end watches are associated with fashion due to the magnificent colors, latest technologies, and the quantity of diamonds they are encrusted with. The Quintempo line represents the collection of men`s wrist watches. The timepieces that can be called a true works of art have four lines of white diamonds and two lines of white diamonds on the case. These watches are created in two styles, Quintempo I and Quintempo II, both equipped with five time zones. Its amazing colors amplify the fairness of the timepiece.

Among other brilliant luxury watches by brand Ice Tek should be mentioned the Magnum XXL. This is an automatic timepiece with an exquisite design that is decorated with diamonds and shows the day and the date in a vertical form. The Roman Ice Grande line from Ice Tek represents the thinnest timepieces created by the company. It has Roman numerals encrusted with diamonds.

Sport has always interested Ice Tek. They are sponsors of NBA teams such as Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat. The company is also a sponsor of American football teams. Bernard Hopkins, a boxing champion also prefers Ice Tek designer watches. One of the best luxury watches from Ice Tek is the Steel Master Chrono. This timepiece with a sporty design has a rotating bezel and the quartz movement. Its big Arabic numerals and date make an easy-to-read dial.

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