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HD3 is a luxury watch company founded by Jorg Hysek who works in cooperation with Valérie Ursenbach and Fabrice Gonet. These talented designers have joined together to create super-exclusive functional accessories. The first HD3 watches were released in 2004. For today, the production of HD3 watches is not only an attempt to keep pace with modern watchmaking concepts, but also to leave behind traditional technologies and to create something unique with tourbillon movement, chronograph or chronometer functions.

One of the most famous HD3 watches is the Raptor model with a liquid quartz display. This sample of HD3 watches from the limited edition of 33 pieces has a titanium case with hand-cut needles, a perpetual calendar and a second time zone display. Another one is the Bi-Axial Vulcania watch inspired by the Jules Verne's novel. This piece of HD3 watches from the limited series of 11 pieces has a bi-axial tourbillon movement. The HD3 Three Minds line represents one of the latest inventions of the company. It is distinguished by its technical superiority and outstanding design. In 2009, the brand started working on the development of the Slyde model, a prototype timepiece with progressive technology. This item of HD3 watches will have an LCD touch screen, a powerful battery and a USB port. So if you are determined to buy a prestige HD3 watch at a reasonable price, you can do it on our website. Here we have discount and new timepieces, all in good condition.