Hamilton represents one of the most well-known and high-ranked American luxury watch brands. The company was established in the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and since then, has remained the inventor of high-quality fine watches. The first released collection was The Broadway Limited Series, the collection of pocket watches. The timepieces from this collection differed with high quality and precision. While working on the production of luxury accessories, the cunning creators increased their abilities in relation to the functional development of Hamilton timepieces.

In 1914, the company became a supplier to the U.S army because of the reliability of their timepieces. Six years later, some of luxury watches by brand Hamilton became the official timepieces for U.S airlines due to their capability to calculate the airspace time. One of Hamilton best luxury watches is called The Piping Rock. This white and yellow gold timepiece for men and women expresses the distinctive approach of its creators, who hold to the standards of quality. The Piping Rock was followed by the launch of the Yankee watch in 1928. This representative of designer watches became the emblem of the company and was engraved with the name of each team member of New York Yankees.

As the Hamilton brand was becoming more popular every day, the technological progression that defines its prototypes inspired the public to wear remarkable luxury watches., determined by discrete discoveries; the example of this is production of the first chronometer in 1942, created with the help of modern machinery and the production of the Hamilton Ventura, the timepiece powered by a battery.

The company elaborated the strategy of using media in order to develop their business. Their high-end watches appeared in movies and series. For example in the film “Frogmen” or “Blue Hawaii” where Elvis Presley was wearing Hamilton Ventura.

In 1974, the Hamilton brand was shifted to the SSIH Swiss Corporation but the change didn`t impact the company`s success negatively. On the contrary, selling diamond watches and stainless steel watches increased all over the world.
The Khaki Field Mechanical watch with American style and the splendid Swiss mechanism is among the favorites from Hamilton. It has a stainless steel case, a dial in shades of green or black and different wristband options in various colors of leather or steel. This timepiece has a renovated model called The Aviation watch Khaki Automatic X-Wind that is tooled with the automatic movement and chronograph. It is limited to 2,000 pieces.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic model is the most prepossessing item of men`s wrist watches that has the automatic movement and a perpetual calendar. Recent collections offer a wide range of gold timepieces and diamond watches for women that meet the demands even of the daintiest customers. Today, Hamilton is one of the leaders of watch manufacturing with great demand all over the world.

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