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Guy Ellia

Nowadays watches have become more that just a way to measure time. They express a person's identity, sense of style, and views. Guy Ellia high end luxury watches are definitely meant for more. These prestige timepieces provide modern watch enthusiasts with the finest exquisite design and out-of-the-ordinary features.

The history of the brand is connected with one man - Guy Ellia, who started his career as a jeweler and then moved to the manufacturing of prestige watches. In 1999, the talented craftsman launched his own business which was meant to create unique masterpieces. His fine watches are always exquisite, precious and somehow beyond the changeable fashion trends.

By 2003, Guy Ellia high top luxury watches gave already been on the international market, with outlets in Japan, Unites States, Russia, Greece and many other countries. Successful development of creative and commercial strategies helped the brand to find its place in the contemporary world of haute horlogerie.

The company produces high end watches for men and women; each of them is carefully assembled and beautifully finished. Women admire Guy Ellia timepieces for their sophisticated features and exclusiveness. One of the examples of the brand's ladies watches is a Circle model. Ultra-flat, oversized, with super convex-case, this luxury watch is certainly the work of art. Although the case is quite big, the timepiece is surprisingly light. This model comes in three different colors of gold, each of them having dazzling diamonds on a bezel. The Circle also boasts an alligator leather strap, quartz movement, a sapphire glass and a mirror-polished caseback.

The Eclypse collection of fine watches for ladies is totally feminine, with oval shapes and a subtly balanced design. The outstanding talent of the creator ensures that each gem on the timepiece is gleaming in the sun rays.

The Guy Ellia QP luxury watch for men is very rare due to its complicated production. There are less than 20 timepieces of this model, so it's practically impossible to purchase one of these masterpieces. The Guy Ellia QP features a manual winding perpetual calendar, sapphire side and a transparent mechanism. The timepiece sports 18K rose gold, an alligator leather strap and a diamond cabochon on the small winding button.

One of the most famous Guy Ellia innovations is the stunning Jumbo Heure Universelle luxury watch. This mechanical and functional timepiece features such complications, like cities disc, skeleton, day and night indicators, world time zone, universal hour and big date. The case is made of white gold and sapphire and has a transparent caseback. This model also features an alligator leather strap, folding buckle and 37 jewels.

Guy Ellia produces amazing collections of mechanical fine watches, complication watches, high complication timepieces, and women's lines of high end watches.