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Gucci is a popularly accepted brand that releases fine watches established by Guiccio Gucci, an eminent Italian designer. He was born in Florence in 1891, but his business began in Paris. In 1920, he opened his saddle shop where he also created other leather wares. His arts for jockeys had a great success and he decided to expand his business by making luxury goods.

In 1938, he branched out his first store in Rome. At that period, he began to work with exclusive clientage, and with the help of his children Guiccio Gucci expanded the company by opening business in Milan and Florence. During the 50s, Gucci`s goods with the exclusive design were successfully sold in the world`s biggest cities and towns, such as London, Tokyo and Paris.

Gucci`s fist boutique was opened in 1953, in the city of New York, but it happened so that he couldn`t enjoy the success of his affair because of his unfortunate death. In the 60s, the Gucci`s success became a reason of misunderstanding inside the family but in 1989, the problem was solved and grandson of Guiccio, Maurizio, became the company`s president.

Gucci experienced difficult times in sales during the 1980s. In 1990, Tom Ford joined the company and his designer women clothing returned the popularity of the house of Gucci. Four years later, the firm was awarded with the prize as the Best Enterprise of the Year. After that, the company began to work at the transforming and renovating of its profile. Their main goal was to emphasize its attainments and brand name. To fulfill their plan, the firm released the renewed collection of high-end luxury watches, created in collaboration with the designer Frida Gianinni. Although Tom Ford canceled his contract with Gucci in 2004, the company continued to be one of the corner stones of fashion all over the world.

Nowadays, the Gucci brand tries to keep harmony between the traditional and modern that accommodates to the contemporary tendencies. Its fabrics distinguish by having exclusive colors and prints with designs that accentuate the glamour and animalism of the outfit. Another branch of the company`s industry that leads it to success is the production of luxury watches by brand Gucci.. The firm produces high-quality designer watches with the Gucci emblem.

Gucci luxury watches can be characterized as the blend of elegance and perfect taste. Their timepieces are tooled with intricate mechanisms. Gucci specializes in the production of stainless steel watches, gold watches and diamond watches for women. The timepieces ate also fit up with Tourbillon movement, quartz movement and chronographs. Among the most fascinating high-end watches for men and women can be mentioned Gucci Chrono, for gentlemen and G-Frame automatic watch for ladies.
Gucci refers to the three most recognized brands by their splendid designs. Their goods comply with the demands of the world market.

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