Gruen is one of the biggest international watch companies producing high-end watches with saucy and delicate design. The history of the company began in 1874, when the German watchmaker opened his workshop in Columbus, USA. Gruen traveled to Switzerland, where he improved his knowledge of watch manufacture. Soon after, he grounded his own business and gained overwhelmed success in a short period of time.

When the company was only beginning its work, it produced fine watches, tooled with case created in the U.S, with movements of Swiss and German origin. Gruen was developing very fast, meeting the eye of important businessmen and blossomed out in creating precise gold timepieces with pure aesthetic sense.

In 1876, Gruen teamed up with his colleague W.J. Savage. This led to the appearance of the pseudonym Gruen & Savage. The brand, administrated by the two remarkable manufacturers of luxury watches continued to prosper. In 1882, Gruen took a shot to produce its own movements, being identified in the society as the Columbus Watch Company. In 1894, Gruen started cooperating with his son Friedrich. The name of the brand was changed to D. Gruen & Son. Three years later, the company changed the name once again and became D. Gruen & Sons, because Gruen`s other son, George joined the family business.

In 1903, the sponsors chose Switzerland as the place of establishing of their branch, which was named Gruen Manufacturing Company and produced a variety of movements. Part of them was created by the Rolex watchmaker, Jean Aegler. The Gruen family business expanded and the firm started creating a wide range of designer watches with outpaced mechanisms. Gorgeous manual winding high-end watches for men and women, accomplished of stainless steel and gold timepieces with chronographs were very delicate at the time.

Dietrich Gruen died in 1911 and his son Frederick became in charge of the company. He tried to keep the prestige of the brand by inventing new models of luxury accessories. Frederick paid much attention to the development of automatic timepieces with quartz movement, gold watches and high-end luxury watches for men and women. On of the most outstanding collections of luxury watches by brand Gruen was released in 1912. It was called Curvex and represented beautiful gold timepieces and diamond watches for women with automatic movement and perfect machinery. The collection had a tremendous public success.

Another Gruen`s masterpieces are the collections called Curvamatic and Autowind. They included gold watches and stainless steel timepieces with self-winding movement and were considered works of art by many collectors. During World War II, Gruen produced chronometers and mens chronograph watches for military purposes. These timepieces were imported from Switzerland. In 1935, the new period in the company`s history began. The brand got a new owner and the headquarters was situated in New York. Although Gruen`s best luxury watches are created in Switzerland, they have a subordinate agency specializing in production of timepieces in China and Biel. offers you to purchase Gruen`s timepieces with unique design, chosen by many Hollywood stars due to their functionality and unrivaled profile, suitable for any occasion.