A beautiful city of Milan is the place of birth of one of the luxury watch brands, Grimoldi. The blending of the Italian aesthetics and the Swiss accuracy offers a wide range of mechanical, automatic and quartz hedged edition timepieces. The company`s delicate high-end watches gave it a reputation of one of the most exclusive brands. It has the world`s most multicultural clientage.

Anselmo Grimoldi, a manufacturer of prestige accessories has collected watches and improved his knowledge of jewelry for many years. He sent his son Roberto to study watchmaking at La Chaux de Fonds to continue the family tradition. Grimoldi himself also upgraded his knowledge, learning from designer Romolo Grassi. Now, the company is ruled by the whole family and each member is responsible for the separate sphere. For example, Roberto is the firm`s technician, Giorgio is an architect designer and Anselmo`s daughter Pamela is the administrator and jewelry designer.

The family was in good relationships with several world-renowned watchmakers and collaborated with them in creating of limited editions of designer watches. Their exclusive accessories, such as rings in the shape of animals and mythological themes such as Medusa ring, decorated with precious stones, are considered to be the brand`s trademark.

In 2001, a collection of luxury watches called Commodoro was released. It was a limited edition of 1.000 pieces sold only in Milan. Afterwards, the boutiques of Europe wanted to get these timepieces, so Grimoldi produced the limited edition of high-end watches for men and women, called Borgonovo. The boutiques of fine watches in Spain, UK and the Netherlands chose these steel timepieces with Swiss movements.

The first edition of VaBene watches by Georgio Grimoldi was presented in 2006 on Milan`s fashion week. These colorful timepieces attracted attention of such celebrities as Elton John, Madonna and Dustin Hoffman. Soon after, VaBene has turned into in an independent brand of Grimoldi.

At, you can choose from the collections of luxury watches by brand Grimoldi. Monforte is a masculine timepiece with individuality for the adventure-lovers. It is made in military style and has luminous numerals and black PVD case. We also have men`s wrist watches, including Bramante Cappuccino and Labyrinth, both with diamonds and ladies luxury watches, encrusted with diamonds and presented in 9 variants and two lines: the classical and the Pave model.

The San Babila collection of fine watches for men and women contain two editions: The Crazypirate and the Dragon. gives you the opportunity to buy new or discount timepieces from the Elia collection. For example, the classic Palpito with the heart design on the dial. Whether you want to get one of the Grimoldi chronograph watches, watch with a chronometer, perpetual calendar or moon phase, our team will help you. In case you want to exchange or purchase a Grimoldi timepiece, contact us to learn more detail.