Glycine represents an independent company that has produced Swiss watches since 1914. Its strait founder has always rushed to excellence and never left a customer without a gorgeous item of designer watches on his wrist. Eugene Meylan started his business with a workshop in Bienne, Switzerland. His knowledge of new designs of fine watches helped him to make his own creations.

He wanted to make a company that would originate mightily accurate gold or steel timepieces with miniature movements, making of which caused some difficulties. By the 1920`s Meylan made a specialty of luxury watches for women that had these virtues.
The presentation of a self winding timepiece at the fair in Basel in 1931 opened new commercial possibilities for the company in times when many watch firms experienced economic depression.

It was the time when exports were stopped. However, Glycine got through it and again revealed gold and mechanical watches in 1938 in the Basel fair. Their high-end watches were accepted warmly by the public. Having got the access to world markets after World War II, the company began to sell their automatic watches and chronograph watches successfully in the European and American markets. They also sold timepieces, decorated with diamonds and amethysts.

During 1952 and 1953, Glycine produced stainless steel timepieces with the tough water resistance. They also composed a collection of luxury watches men with the name “Airman” that was meant for those who travelled a lot. The “Airman” was fit up with 24 time zones, which allowed the wearer to know the time in any part of the world. However, Glycine automatic and mechanical timepieces couldn`t compete with Japanese quartz watches that broke into the markets in the 1970s and caused a crisis in Swiss watch companies.

It was the watchmaker Hans Brechbühler who rescued Glycine in 1984. He bought the company and started production of high quality quartz watches and chronographs in order to contest with Japanese firms such as Seiko and Citizen. The collections of quartz luxury watches by brand Glycine contained such pieces as “Tjalk”, made of stainless steel and resistant to bumps and “Amaranth”, an ultra-thin diamond timepiece for women.

In the 90s, Glycine returned its reputation of one of the most popular luxury watch brands in Europe. They elaborated the new tactic that would let the public to see the mechanical timepieces as a sumptuous works of art that never went out of fashion. According to this strategy, the company made a Goldshield collection of gold watches with a vintage texture. In the 90s, comfortable timepieces from such collections as “Altus”, “Stratoforte” and “Grand Care” became sough-after with the public.

Glycine offers a wide range of chronographs for divers and aviators. At the beginning of the 21st century, the company revived the “Airman” steel timepiece with three time zones. Glycine best luxury watches were and still are very popular. They are presented at will get any assistance you need to order the watch. We have discounted timepieces, so you can get a luxurious watch at a good price.