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The modern Girard-Perregaux brand dates back to the eighteenth century. It was born thanks to the cooperation of two watchmaking companies: Bautte founded by Jean-Francois Bautte and strictly speaking Girard-Perregaux founded by Constant Girard. In 1970, the renovated company began to implement quartz movements into Girard-Perregaux watches in order to increase its sales. They managed to prove that it was possible to follow horological traditions and renovate the watchmaking sphere at the same time.

At the beginning of a new era, the company added several important innovations to their Girard-Perregaux watches. The most famous among them are the Financial Chronograph watch that indicates different times around the world, as well as the hours when four stock markets are open for business, and the Jackpot Tourbillon watch, a vintage model with a slot machine and tourbillon. In 2008, the company released the Girard-Perregaux watch that combined the function with a split-second chronograph and the acclaimed Three Gold Bridge tourbillon. In general, the new conception of Girard-Perregaux watches was very crucial for the whole world of fine watchmaking. Moreover, the manufacture teamed up with such companies as Ferrari and BMW in order to create limited editions of the best luxury watches.

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