Gallet is known as the Master of Chronograph. The Gallet brand also played an important role in the sphere of watchmaking, as it was the world`s first creator of wrist watches for men and women. The brand creates mechanical and quartz watches and produces mechanisms for other watch brands. Gallet luxury watches can satisfy the public with the most delicate taste.

The brand was founded in 1806 in Switzerland by Julien Gallet. However, it was his son Leon L. Gallet who developed the company and created some brands of Swiss and U.S watches such as National Park, Continental, Bridgeport and others.

Leon L. Gallet expended the company to the level of a prospering business. Together with his friends Constant Girard Perregauz, Louis and Jules Courvoisier and Enerst Francillon from Longines he established the Intercantonal Society for the Jura Industries in 1876 to distribute Swiss watches.

Gallet and Francillon were concerned about the competitive power of the United States, as they produced plenty of high-end watches. In 1876 at the International Exhibition in Philadelphia Gallet and Francillon proved the potential of American and European markets to produce fine watches. In order to expand the brand, Gallet opened several stores in New York and Chicago and became the owner of such brands as Solar, Chancellor and Commodore.

This helped to understand the American taste for timepieces. Gallet also searched for the place for Swiss watches on the American market, so he implemented his movements into the U.S market and created thirty brands of designer watches for this market. This contributed to the increase of Swiss made luxury watches` export into the United States. Luxury watch brands with a small local market got enough resources to achieve the industrialization of these watchmakers. Gallet also improved the business relationships with Japanese customers of Seiko, Kingoro Tzana, Tamaya & Co., Hitsukoshi and Kobayashi. Since 1912, Gallet watches have become a part of Asian markets. This made the company even more flourished. It was important that Gallet watches were meant for well-off working people, but not for the elite.

After Gallet`s death in 1899, the International Watchmaking Museum was built in his hometown La Chaux-de-Fonds. The museum was built on Gallet`s capital that was left by him specially for this purpose. The exhibition contains over 100 Gallet`s timepieces. The visitors can even contemplate the first wristwatch that dates back to 1895. Now Gallet watches are considered to be antiquarian.

Gallet is well-known for its line of chronograph watches for military use. These timepieces made by Gallet were sought-after among soldiers and officers during World War II. One of these chronographs was called the “Flight Officer and was meant for pilots.
Nowadays, chronograph watches for men and women produced by this company are very valuable and expensive due to the long-standing history. The high cost and precious quality of men`s gold pocket watches and luxury watches for women attract attention of the collectors world-wide. These timepieces, charged with a timeless feel are believed to be the best collector`s item.