Fred of Paris

Fred of Paris is a well-known watch brand for many ordinary and famous people. The company takes up one of the leading positions among other respected watchmakers. You can see its wonderful jewelry pieces in different movies, for example, “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts in the main role.

This company appeared in 1936 with the opening of the first jewelry shop in Paris by Fred Samuel. Paris has always been the most important city of fashion, fancy clothes, shoes, and luxury accessories. Fred’s father was a nice jeweler, so he taught his son to love high end watches and accessories. From the very beginning of Fred’s career, he showed a keen interest and talent to manufacture luxury watches. His design was very interesting and one of a kind.

Fred of Paris brand was recognizable and caught the fancy of many celebrities. Among the famous people who wore designer watches, it is possible to mention Douglas Fairbanks, Marlene Dietrich, and Mary Pickford. They loved the famous Fred of Paris luxury watches and always admired their quality and design. Even the royalty felt an interest in fine watches made by Fred - this company became the first goldsmith for the Middle East princes.

Fashion has always been changing, but not the Fred of Paris brand. This famous trademark never gave up its own principles. His traditions and taste of making the luxury watches were unchanged. However, it does not mean to say that the company makes no headway.

Fred of Paris extended its business all over the world. It opened more than ten luxury boutiques from Paris, the capital of fashion, to Tokyo. The company always tries to surprise its clients and sing from the same hymn book.

The company also produces sports watch collections. It launched the luxury watch with tourbillon, chronometers, and chronographs. Our online store offers a great opportunity to become an owner of famous Fred of Paris watches. The Gladiateur Collector collection of fine watches is represented at the store too. The famous timepiece from this line possesses diamonds, stainless steel or pink gold case, brown dial and a brown rubber bracelet.

Among the famous men’s chronograph watches, it is possible to distinguish the Gladiateur Collector Chronograph timepiece for men. There are only 36 original models were launched by Fred of Paris. This timepiece possesses a gold case with a graphitic fiber dial. Fred of Paris is not just the famous watchmaker; it is also the producer of wonderful accessories, like wedding rings, bracelets, sunglasses, etc.

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