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Fred of Paris

The name of Fred of Paris immediately conjures up a world of sophistication, the product of a long tradition of making fine watches and jewelry, which have been worn by Royalty across the planet and movie stars like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman", who wore one of its luxurious accessories.

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The history of the Fred of Paris watches began in 1936 when Fred Samuel, only 28 years old, opened his first boutique at number 6, Rue Royale, in the mythical city of Paris, the fashion center of the luxury accessories.

His love of fine watches and jewelry came from his family, since his father was a jeweler. 
Since the beginning, the firm showed Avant-garde trends and introduced itself as "Modern Luxury Accessories and Jewelry Designers”, with special emphasis on the fact that his watches were always at the forefront of design and sophistication.

Fred of Paris had the foresight to grab the attention of celebrities like Marlene Dietrich, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, earning the attention of millions of people around the world who admired the Fred of Paris brand of fine jewelry worn by these Hollywood Olympus divinities.

Thanks to the majesty of his collections, royalty has always shown a preference for the creations of Fred Samuel. This dates from the 50's, when the brand became the first jeweler of the Middle East princes.

Despite changing tastes in fashion, Fred of Paris remains true to its tradition of luxury and elegance in fine watch making, but has also reinvented itself through the philosophy which Fred Samuel has always displayed: luxury accessories reject the clichés and emphasize the sensuality of the modern and sophisticated woman of today.  You can find all the information about it, as well as spectacular catalogs of fine watches on our site www.300watches.com.

To show its continued success and preference for luxury watches lovers, the brand Fred of Paris has expanded his empire to the major fashion capitals with more than 10 boutiques around the world from Paris to Tokyo.

To earn a prestigious location within the luxury brand watches, the company constantly renews its designs to stay in demand with the customers.


His watches include a range of sports watches inspired by the sport of sailing which Fred loved.

Today, thanks to the advancement of technology, Fred of Paris gives us watches with tourbillon mechanism.  We can also find watches with chronographs, chronometers and even vintage watches of the brand. All this is to expand its design versus manufacturing proposal. Many watches of this prestigious brand can be found in our website www.300watches.com, which always has the best and the ultimate in fine watch making.

As proof of this we have the Fred of Paris collection Gladiateur Collector, that includes watches for men and women, catering to both so they can wear the best of this renowned watchmaker.

We must remember that the Fred of Paris watches or any other fine timepieces are considered an investment.  Because of the durability of materials and powerful manufacturing, luxury brand watches can be passed from generation to generation.

As an emblem of this collection we can mention the Gladiateur Collector model, found either as a stainless steel watch or as a pink gold watch.  It has diamonds, brown lacquered dial and rubber strap, also in brown. Only 1936 units were made of these fine watches, all individually numbered.

The Gladiateur COLLECTOR CHRONOGRAPH model, a man’s chronograph watch, a true delight for the senses and an object of desire for luxury watch collectors.  It has a 44mm diameter, pink gold case with the finest finish, carbon fiber dial-tone black rubber pulse, elegantly carved and with a sapphire cabochon. Only 36 units were manufactured, all numbered from the factory.

Fred of Paris is not only fine watches. This brand captures a range of divine accessories, such as highly relished sunglasses, bracelets, wedding and engagement rings and more. This company, despite the years, has conquered and will conquer the most demanding tastes.

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