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Franck Muller

Franck Muller has always been fond of complex mechanisms. He entered the Geneva School of Watchmaking, where he received a lot of information and necessary knowledge that helped him to start his own business. After a while, he opened his first workshop and started to produce Franck Muller watches for sale. In 1983, he unveiled his first tourbillon watch. The next innovation was also a tourbillon, but with a jumping hour. Later, he presented even more complex mechanism – a tourbillon with calendar and minute repeater features. He constantly tried to go beyond the bounds and did this professionally creating the best Franck Muller watches for sale.

In 1992, he even managed to make the most complex mechanism in the world. There were two variants of this complicated watch – the Grande and the Petite Sonnerie versions. They possessed many different features, like perpetual calendar up to the 2100 year, 24-hour moon phase feature, and the mechanism showing the temperature of the timepiece. 1998 became the most successful and bright year for the Franck Muller brand. It released the “World Premiere” model. This was another “most complicated” wristwatch from Franck. In fact, that was the same luxury watch made in 1992, but updated and improved with chronograph and power reserve features.

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