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Fossil watches appeared on sale in 1984 in Dallas, Texas, when the watch manufacturing industry was oriented to functionality and design. The company changed this opinion and launched its high end watches as independent fashion accessories. The design of the Fossil luxury watches is unique and differs from other timepieces with its originality. More than 80 designers are working at the factory creating various amazing collections, promotional materials, and inimitable watch packaging.

The Fossil watches that you can find on sale combine modernity and classic design. They are quite available to connoisseurs of luxury watches anywhere in the world due to the presence of Fossil watches stores in more than 90 countries. Moreover, you can always buy Fossil watches online at a very attractive price here, on our website.

In 2001, Fossil bought three Swiss companies and acquired all rights to the Zodiac watch brand. Additionally in 2002, it partnered with a luxury brand Burberry for launching Fossil watches under the Burberry brand name. In 2003, Fossil introduced a new version of its models made of polished stainless steel and decorated with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. In 2003, another striking watch collection was represented. These ladies timepieces fitted with sports style bracelets made in three colors: light blue, pale yellow, and pale pink look really great. In this way, the Fossil Company has easily proved its position of a leader in the world of fine watchmaking.