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The famous company Fortis is a part of the Patek Philippe and Titoni Swiss group. This group is called traditional Swiss Watchmakers. It uses the mix of modern technologies and traditional instruments.

Walter Vogt, a watchmaker from Switzerland, is a founder of Fortis. He created this company in 1912. He had a cherished dream to build a company, which would be renowned in the whole world. His dream has come true despite the fact that the Swiss market was already full of Swiss watchmakers. However, the customers are never too much.

Walter Vogt definitely had his own style and vision of his luxury watches. His way of thinking was “high quality, modern design and reasonable price”. Finally, he managed to open his workshop and create a wonderful collection of fine watches. This line was showed in Basel’s fair and became a real success.

The real big time started from 1924. This year he met John Harwood, a famous English watchmaker. John helped him to improve and finish off the high end luxury watches. Since that time, Fortis found the worldwide market acceptance.

In 1926, Fortis launched the Harwood Automatic collection. These designer watches were in the spotlight for a long period. In the period of the 1930s, the company launched a number of expensive mens luxury watches. For example, the “Rolls” timepiece possessed a new movement, which made the watch working in any conditions. The “Autorist” watch was powered by automatic movement.

During the first 25 years, the company managed to sell thousands timepieces in numerous jewelry shops all round the world. The company launched the Wandfluh timepiece with very nice design. Even nowadays, the watch is very popular among the experts of watchmaking industry. In 1947, Fortis presented a new Swiss watch with alarm, but it quickly disappeared from the market.
In 1962, Fortis celebrated its 50th jubilee year with two wonderful top luxury watches. The Stratoliner and Spacematic timepieces possessed water resistance and were powered by automatic movement.

That time the market began to fill in the quartz prestige watches from Japan. They had many chances to be the leaders in the world watch market. The new companies started to open shop and boutiques, selling fine watches. The Swiss market had a new and very powerful rival.

Fortis launched the sports timepiece “Flipper” for divers. It was a real success, which helped to hold the crisis back. In the period of 2005-2009, Fortis launched a few designer watches from stainless steel. There were three thematic collections Maritime, Aviation and Space.

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