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Festina is a company without international borders. It is a great watchmaker and offers high-quality timepieces. The company appeared on the market in Spain in 1984.The founder of Festina is Miguel Rodriguez. The most popular and bestselling luxury watches are Jaguar, Lotus, and Calypso. The company knows how to surprise its clients, so it launched a beautiful timepiece with lunar perpetual calendar of a very high quality and design just in a year of its grand opening.

The company was very successful, producing chronograph watches for different sports events. It became the official sponsor of Tour of France. Thanks to this, the company received a warm welcome in the European market. Further on, the company became famous in 25 countries.

Festina became the official sponsor in many other events, like Tour de Romandie and Tour de Suisse. During the 1980s and 1990s, the company presented some wonderful samples of fine watches for pedalers. These were very important steps for the company’s development and growth. Festina started to cooperate with more than 50 countries and launched its piece of art, a luxury watch powered by mechanic quartz movement. It became a real hit on the watch market. Since then this kind of movement became a brand identity. Festina started to manufacture the high end watches for men and women using the “mecaquartz”.

To the amusement of everybody, the company created a professional cycling team. In 1994, this team won the competition of Tour de France. After this triumph, the Festina brand became the most respected and popular brand worldwide. This name was sparkling at every sport event.

The company was a number one brand in the European, Asian, and Latin America markets. In 1996, Festina conquered the American market too. The famous Festina watches were highly popular in the USA and made themselves respected among numerous Americans.

In 1998, Festina launched an amazing collection of sport watches powered by quartz movement. These timepieces continued being the number one watches among the sportsmen in the international area. However, one factory was too small now to kill an elephant. The number of orders was tremendous. Therefore, in 2001, Festina opened one more factory in Spain.

In 2002, the company purchased the Candino company. This was a good Swiss company, producer of wonderful high end watches. This was not the last Festina purchase. The next step was to buy companies were Lotus, Calypso, and Jaguar.

The company was very proud to launch a collection for ladies. This was the Ceramica collection of luxury watches for women. Our store 300watches.com has good news for you. You have a nice chance to buy watch by Festina online. We offer only original timepieces by the most famous watch brands. Do not lose this opportunity to become the owner of the famous Festina watches.