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European Company

The European Company Watch brand (ECW) is a budget option of luxury watches for men and women created for a wide audience. The company has never been actively advertised and promoted in the market, in fact only true watch fans and dedicated connoisseurs appreciate the quality, reliability, and design of European Company watches. Although the brand is not very popular in the watchmaking industry, it does not mean that they have unworthy timepieces.

Initially, the European Company watches were created for winners of different competitions. These were the high-end watches for strong men who value their individuality. That’s why their design is sometimes considered to be a bit strange, rough and manly. Women can also find their European Company watches among the brand’s series. For example, a big part of ladies models from the Panhard, Armada, and Legionnaire collections are decorated with diamonds.

All timepieces of the ECW brand have very illustrative names like Ganador that means ‘a winner.’ It is a classic wristwatch with no additional functions and technical complications – everything is easy and reliable. Thus, the European Company Watch brand is a lesser-known manufacturer of luxury watches for men and women of a very good quality and reasonable price. They can be a good addition to every style and every appearance. Unfortunately, the company has stopped its production, but you can still buy one of its amazing timepieces here on 300watches.com.