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Elgin Watch Company was founded in 1864. Its idea was to create luxury watches for men and women with replaceable parts. From the very beginning, the brand produced only hand-made timepieces. In 1943, it received a contract from the US Marine. The company had to produce 3,000 Elgin watches for the naval vessels sold at the prices of $541 for each piece. But since 1945, Elgin started to lose its position. Five years later it bought the "Wadsworth Watch". This gave the brand a second chance, and the company continued to manufacture designer watches up to 1964. At that time, they launched the famous Lord Elgin wrist watch in limited quantities, which is the treasure for real collectors nowadays.

This brand can also be proud of such luxury watches as the Vintage Elgin watch used by USA Air Forces, the Navigational Master Watch GCT and the Hamilton 4992B WW II watch used by the pilots in the period of the World War II. In our online store you have a wonderful possibility to find the most unique and original timepieces by different famous brands. And the Elgin watch models are among them. Here you can even buy a vintage Elgin pocket watch made of 18k gold at a very reasonable value. Nowadays the Elgin brand is under the MZ Berger Company, but it doesn’t produce luxury watches anymore. So don’t miss a chance to buy Elgin designer watches, as all of them are truly collectible pieces.