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Eberhard & Co.

Eberhard & Co. was founded in Switzerland in 1887 by Georges-Emile Eberhard. He was an excellent watchmaker and always wanted to be in the list of the world’s best horologists. In 1919, he invented his first chronograph watch, which helped him to become popular. There were many people who admired the wonderful Eberhard & Co. watches, so the brand managed to rise to the top in the world of fine watchmaking. Its main invention at that time was the Rattrapante chronograph measuring the time by parts.

The period of the 1950s was distinguished by the Extra-Fort model invention. This was a mechanical chronograph made of gold. This representative of the Eberhard & Co. watches surpassed all expectations of the company’s clients. The new era of luxury watches powered by quartz movements was also very successful. The company snatched an opportunity and became the leader of quartz movement manufacture. It also released Eberhard & Co. watches with perpetual calendars and other complex mechanisms.

The company always keeps an eye on market trends on a regular basis. Its most popular timepieces are the Navymaster collection released in 1987, the 8 Jours model launched in 1997, the Chrono 4 watches, and also the Chronographe 120ème Anniversaire model created in honor for the 120th anniversary of the company. And now you have a great possibility to become an owner of Eberhard & Co. watches buying them online at very reasonable prices here, on our website.