George Ducommun is a Swiss manufacturer, the founder of Doxa. This is the well-known company of expensive luxury watches. That time, the most popular hobby was diving. Numerous divers were lack of appropriate fine watches, which could possess the water resistance. Doxa noticed this tendency and divers’ problem, so it was a very clever decision to produce sports watches for divers. The company began to produce timepieces and made various test underwater. The project involved watchmakers, professional engineers and divers. Finally, the company launched the Doxa Sub 300T. This timepiece became a real hit among the divers in the USA.

The Doxa Sub 300T model possesses water resistance up to 300 meters, the new improved luxury watches – up to 750 meters. It has a possibility to measure the drop in pressure. Doxa, as an official trademark, appeared on the market in 1910. After 120 years the company presented the men’s luxury watch Doxa Chateau de Monts. This wonderful timepiece is a limited edition replica of the first watch, launched by Doxa. Also, the company may be proud of its Doxa Conquistador Sub 300T model. The great representative of high end luxury watches possesses 1200 meters water resistance! It is powered by automatic movement.

The sports watches for diving took the company to a higher level. This was an incredible success. In the period of 1970’s Doxa experienced a slow period in the watch manufacturing. That time the designer watches powered by quartz movement were one level higher than automatic timepieces. The company had to jump off the deep end, understanding the popularity of quartz watches. The efforts were not good, so Doxa ceased the manufacturing.

Nowadays the Doxa’s proprietors are one Swiss family. They launched the old watch models to the market. The company has not watchmakers and designers now. However, the exclusive fine watches are still alive, but maybe one day the company will rise up from the ashes and start to produce different modern timepieces as before.

There are some more interesting, worth attention timepieces by Doxa. For example, Doxa Aquaman PVD 650. This watch possesses a stainless steel bracelet, which is very elegant and exciting. Our online shop may help you purchase the most famous Doxa watches, staying inside. Another representative is Sub 5000T Class or Seaconqueror. It received the best 2892 movement. It was created as a result of the Doxa and ETA cooperation. The company worked very closely with Asian markets. The bestselling watch for it became the Doxa Shark Ceramic. This watch powered by automatic movement, was made of stainless steel.

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