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Christian Dior was born on January 21, 1905 in Granville, Normandy. His father Maurice Dior owned a fertilizer factory and could afford a comfortable life for his big family, in which the young Christian was the fifth child. Christian got interested in fashion from early childhood, and his father financed a small gallery for the son to satisfy his penchant for modern art. In the early 1930s, due to the stock market crash, Mr. Dior lost all his wealth, and Christian had to make a living by himself. Christian stopped using his art gallery and started to work as a freelance illustrator until he received a permanent job in the artist's fashion magazine of Robert Piguet.

In 1941, Christian Dior returned to Paris and got a job in a fashion house of Lucien Lelong, the head of the famous magazine «Elle», and the future president of the Lelong Paris high-fashion syndicate. Lucien Lelong agreed with Dior’s condition to name his fashion house as "House of Christian Dior".

Just a few years later, the fashion house of Christian Dior has grown to an entire network of companies, employing more than 2,000 people. Dior used only manual work, so in his workshop, each piece of art was carefully created by workers of the Fashion House. Christian Dior did not want his company to be just mass production, stamped by factory in large quantities, so all Dior’s products were unique.
The first designer watch with a “Christian Dior” inscription on its watch-dial appeared in 1975. It was an audacious setting of the new standards for a high fashion and luxury watch industry cooperation. These unique masterpieces were in demand from high end watches connoisseurs. His loud name and exclusive quality forced the success of the luxury watches business initiated by Christian Dior. Soon Dior’s luxury watches became one of the most prominent luxury watch brands in the world. 

The Christal Dior collection consists of high end watches for men and women. These exclusive luxury watches come with the inclusion of crystal and sapphire, and all the Christal Collection watches are of a limited edition. Only a certain quantity of the luxury watches collection is created under Dior’s famous brand name each year. Another new fashionable female watch collection represents “La D de” Dior exclusive high end watches. The designer watches from “La D de” Dior collection made a revolutionary step in the world of lady's watches and high fashion.

In 2004, the designer watches for men were represented by Dior. The Chiffre Rouge luxury watches included a series of exclusive automatic movements. The latest Dior VIII collection includes high end watches equipped with diamond settings and designed in snow white coloring. 

Dior luxury Watches represent timeless graceful elegance, combined with impeccable quality and the designer Dior watches are more than just fashion.