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DeWitt is a French watchmaking company founded by Jerome De Witt. His first attempt to start the business was in 1990, but Jerome’s partner played him a trick, took money and disappeared. After this misfortune, De Witt tried to start again only in 2002. He wanted to make a combination of old techniques and modern machinery. And thanks to such a mix, he managed to design unique DeWitt watches for sale.

In 2003, this brand launched a collection with a real hit called Pressy Grande Complication, which was released with a tourbillon, chronograph and perpetual calendar functions. Shortly thereafter, it also presented the famous Academia Tourbillon Differential timepiece. After all, the company has decided to forget the old traditions and to start creating absolutely new DeWitt watches for sale that are still real masterpieces.

In 2007, the De Witt’s senior management moved to Verner, and the company’s staff was enlarged to 40 persons. For today, they have even a personal museum, where everyone can see exclusive branded watches and different tools. It’s not a secret that famous De Witt models have many admirers all over the world. The ordinary and famous people expect much from this company, so it has no right to disappoint them. Our online store offers many DeWitt watches for sale at very reasonable prices. Be sure, all of them are 100% authentic, so you can confidently choose your favorite one!