Devon Motorworks is an industrial design house located in Los Angeles, California. It specializes in the creation of premium lifestyle products, such as high end luxury watches. The company began with the design of the exclusive Devon GTX supercar and now continues with the revolutionary Tread line of fine watches.

The brand was founded in 2008 by the talented American entrepreneur Scott Devon. Multiple bold projects helped the company to move at the forefront of contemporary industry.

Devon is the only American luxury watch company using its own movement. In 2010, the Tread 1 has received a laudable recognition when it was nominated for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve, making it the first American watch company gaining such a success outside the country.

The Devon Tread luxury watch is undoubtedly the most cutting edge timepiece made today, the mechanism of striking technology and visuals. The Tread 1 Watch boasts four internal belts that spin within the solid case to display the time. The timepiece is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell that is in turn charged by wireless induction. This complicated electric system moves the belts. Because this watch is not mechanical, its pieces can be replaced easily. Instead of figuring out which piece of a 500-component movement is broken, the entire motherboard of the Tread 1 can be replaced. Moreover, this unique luxury watch is bulletproof!

The Tread 1’s crystal senses temperature and sends that back to the motherboard. It calculates any variances caused by cold or heat and compensates. Each part of the timepiece was sourced from an American aerospace company, so the buyer can be sure that everything is strong and light. The physical durability of this groundbreaking model has a good chance of outlasting the style of a timepiece. 

Bearing this in mind, the Devon Tread can be called the most visually stunning and technically advanced luxury watch ever made. This smart design was created by a California aerospace company, whose craftsmen can fit square pegs through round holes. This representative of top luxury watches is a good example of their technical prowess. The Tread Watch is an undisputable marvel of a timekeeper. It utilizes electrical and mechanical components in harmony to ensure a method of timekeeping devoid of any dial or hands. The Devon Tread is ingeniously engineered, high fashion wrist-wear that can satisfy even the most discerning watch connoisseurs. Despite the high price of about $20,000, a radical concept had an important impact on the watch industry and gained a dazzling success among the high-tech lovers. 

The Devon Tread 2 is the latest out-of-the-ordinary creation of the brand. The concept and case of the previous model have been re-thought, giving this timepiece a new and more distinct form. What is interesting, the company decided to lower the price of its products in order to raise the demand. The Devon Tread 2 retails at a price under $10,000.