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DeLaCour is a respected watchmaker that produces unique and original timepieces. The company’s secrets of success are exceptional nature and individuality of each piece of art. This brand was founded by Pierre Kourkjian and appeared from the Piallo Company, which was located in Vienna, then in Madrid and finally moved to Germany.

The first deLaCour watches for sale were released in 2003. It was the Bichrono deLaCour model powered by a double chronograph movement. Later this collection was completed by other timepieces with tourbillons, as well as time zone and moon phase functions. These deLaCour watches for sale were created in platinum and gold versions. The Repetition Minute is one more representative of branded high end luxury watches. This model was also highly appreciated by watch experts and numerous customers. For today, the most famous collections are the Sagra line, the Bitourbillon and Birepetition collections, the Promess series, and the Mourinho City Ego collection.

The company never looks back, it always looks forward. Its luxury watches are original, unrivaled and unique. Watchmakers put all skills, talent and new experiences in watch design. For example, the brand is proud of its wood cases and cases made of tobacco leaves. Moreover, all wonderful deLaCour watches for sale are made by hand. Our online store offers only 100% original designer watches. So you can find elegant and fancy deLaCour watches for sale at a very attractive price here, on our website.