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De Bethune

David Zanetta and Denis Flazhole created the De Bethune Company in 2002. David Zanetta was the organizer of international exhibitions and worked as an auction houses expert. Combining his work and hobbies, David consulted various luxury watch brands. He even helped to revive the famous L.Leroy brand. As for Denis Flazhole, he was the descendant of French watchmakers. Prior to the founding of his own company, he had created more than 100 complex designer watches for such brands as Breguet, Franck Muller, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, and Concord. Today, the company’s headquarters and the production of De Bethune watches for sale are located in L'Obersone, Switzerland.

In 2004, De Bethune watch manufacturer introduced an exclusive watch mechanism DB2004 equipped with proprietary titanium-platinum balance and spring balance with a flat curved tip. The "balance-spiral" is another brand’s invention aimed to improve the accuracy of luxury watches. The company is also famous for its spherical moon phase dial that has become the distinctive symbol of De Bethune watches for sale. Moreover, one of the most recent developments of the company is a speed control mechanism that makes the automatic winding even more accurate.

So the main goal of De Bethune is to create advanced and complex timepieces. Today, it has several patents that improve the fundamental principles of fine watchmaking. So don’t miss your chance to buy well-known De Bethune watches on our website at a very reasonable price.