Daniel Roth

Daniel Roth Watches Inc. is a famous watchmaker from Switzerland. The founder of this brand is Daniel Roth. He always wanted to create art not simplicity. The company forms part of the Bulgari watchmaking group. It tries to create exclusive high end watches for men and women.

Daniel Roth designs almost all possible modern timepieces: watches powered by automatic and quartz movements, gold, diamond, stainless steel luxury watches, sport timepieces, etc. The factory is situated in Switzerland, where a wonderful team of qualified professional watchmakers works like a charm. All timepieces are made by hand. For that very reason, the famous Daniel Roth watches are perfect and unrivaled.

The brand’s history began with great grandfather of Daniel. He was a very famous and respected watchmaker in the region, known as the place where many wonderful and talented horologists were born, - Neuchatel region. The Daniel’s father also was a respected watchmaker. He and his family moved to France and opened a store and a factory, where they created and repaired luxury watches. Their family became outstanding in the city.

Daniel studied and worked too hard to comprehend the business and become the best manufactor of precious high end watches. He learned the design and complete watch mechanics. Therefore, his efforts have not been wasted. After studies, Daniel took a decision to work by itself and moved to Switzerland. He began his career at a small watch manufactory. He gained experience every step of the way.

Fortuitously, Daniel became a part of the Audermars Piguet watch company, where he managed to put all his creativeness, talent and ideas to work. After some years, two brothers Chaumet took a decision to revive the Breguet brand. They were in search of a very talented and gifted designer to help them. He should be very professional, experienced and energetic; he should possess the necessary skill to cope with the difficult problems. The best candidate became Daniel Roth.

Daniel was very inspired by this offer and plunge headlong into the work. He started from Breguet history, studied the fine watches. According to all received information, the designer created the first Swiss watch with Tourbillion. Thanks to this wonderful timepiece, the company success was round the corner. The Breguet house came to full flower. After 15 years of hard work, the company was bought by Investcorp and Investment Company. The Chaumet brothers along with Roth resigned from the company. For Daniel Roth it was another opportunity to start something new.

In the 1990’s, he launched the precious designer watches possessed a chronograph, tourbillion and a perpetual calendar. In 2002, Daniel Roth began cooperating with American, European and Asian watch markets. You can purchase famous Daniel Roth watches at our online store 300watches.com.