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The Swiss company CYMA (Myriade) was founded in 1862 by two brothers Schwab. The French word Cyma in English means “Summit”. The CYMA watches Company creates its history with every launched product. At the beginning of the 20th century, CYMA created complicated chronographs with ultrathin mechanisms for pocket watches. In 1905, CYMA created his famous caliber 701 with a thickness of 3.85 mm. 

Ten years later in 1892, Frederick Henri Sando joined CYMA. The commercial partnership between Schwab Brothers and Henri Sando from Le Locle was successful. The same year, they established a watches factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

In 1903, CYMA launched complicated chronographs with ultrathin mechanisms for pocket luxury watches. In 1905, CYMA created its famous caliber 701 with a thickness of 3.85 mm. The 701 caliber model brought a great success to the company, and in the same year, it was sold worldwide. Next ten years of high end watches manufacturing, CYMA grew and expanded. In 1910, Cyma manufactured 2.500 designer watches daily.

The first waterproof and kick proof Cyma luxury watches were developed in 1915. And just seven years later, in 1923, Cyma became the biggest luxury watch manufacturer in the whole Switzerland. 

In 1943, it presented its first automatic watches and in 1945, Cyma created its famous "8-day alarm." In 1960, Cyma created an innovative high end watch model, designed and assembled for extreme conditions. In 1980, the ultra-slim steel Cyma with 6x7 ¾ caliber appeared. This caliber type was a step ahead of other competitors’ companies by Cyma’s advanced technical equipment.

In 2004, the Cyma watch company produced 40 collections. These Cyma watches combined classic design and high technology. In 2010, Cyma created its new luxury watch collection of quartz chronographs "Myriad." The collection consists of three directions: Chrono New World, Chrono Fascination and City. The Chrono New World designer watch is an automatic chronograph produced with a stainless steel body and covered with PVD, caliber ETA 7750 (Valjoux 7750), a rotating steel bezel, sapphire crystal, rubber strap, black luminescent dial, and up to 5 atmosphere pressure water resistance.

The women's and men's quartz luxury watches are presented in Cyma’s City collection. The watch box is made of stainless steel and goes with caliber Ronda, and its case and bracelet are made of stainless steel. Additional features are the luminescent dial, sapphire crystal, and up to 5 atmosphere pressure of water resistance.

Cyma expanded its luxury watches business and recently entered the Chinese luxury watches market. The award-winning actor Liu Ye was enlisted as one of Cyma ambassadors for Cyma's latest collection line. The new Auto Classic watches model is one of Cyma’s latest models with sapphire crystal and 28-jewel automatic movements inside. Auto Classic watches were designed as sports watches, and the former Formula One Champion driver Damon Hill proved its sports style and was named Cyma’s recent ambassador.
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