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Creativeness and new ideas is the engine for progress for any sphere of business. The watchmaking industry is not an exception. The well-known company Cyclos creates real art from its luxury watches. Cyclos displays the watch telling 24 hours a day. What does it mean? It means that the famous Cyclos watches are completely different and unique treasure. All watchmakers use 12 points on a dial, but Cyclos uses 24. It means that the watches possess a two-in-one display. This is a very original idea, which attracted many customers all over the world.

The one of a kind system uses the Pascal spiral that permits to see the day and night time. John C. Ermel spent ten years on creating this original system. Today this watchmaker is a CEO of Cyclos Watch. Cyclos is a young company in comparison with other famous brands. It appeared on the watch market in the in the early 21st century. Every year the company represents the high end watches for men and women. The precious timepieces have already earned many awards according to different respected journals.

The famous Cyclos watches possess water resistance. They are powered by automatic movement. Calendars, chronometers precious metals and unique design are the inalienable features of fine watches. The company launches sports watches with radial hands and glowing symbols.

The automatic movements used practically in every sample of designer watches possess ETA 2892-A2 calibers. Cyclos uses different materials of high quality, like gold or silver. Recently the company has launched the DualPhase collections. Among them are Dark, Light, Day & Night Classic Light, Day & Night Classic Dark, Day & Night Parity Diamond, Day & Night Transparent and Day & Night Transparent Dark watches. Some models have a possibility to show the internal details through the sapphire glass, which covers the back side of the case.

The company is known as a limited edition watchmaker. For example, the original collection Cyclos am/pm PumaCoat. The watch is made of steel; there is a dual phase mechanism and a TiCN coated case. The luxury watch is decorated by Côtes de Genève.

The 24-hour Cyclos Dual-Phase Timepiece is an art by Cyclos. The gold watch is a very elegant and modern representative. The owner can see the internal details under the sapphire crystal. The black color and gold is the perfect match for a fancy timepiece. The company patented the dual-phase mechanism. This complex machinery permits the pointers impulse to perform the floating movements.

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