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Concord is a famous watch manufacturer that produces luxury watches for men and women. For today, you can buy Concord watches at branded jewelry shops in Asian, European and American watch markets. Its history started in 1920, when the company launched its first wall and desktop watches. The next timepiece became a real sensation. It was the famous Ring watch by Concord, which caught the interest of President Truman in 1945. 25 years on, this brand was bought by a businessman Gedalio Grinberg and then joined to North American Watch Corporation now known as the Movado Group Inc. In 1979, it released a very special Delirium watch - the thinnest timepiece ever made at the time. Powered by a quartz movement it was approximately 1.98 mm thick.

The period of the 1990’s also started successfully. The company created the Concord Sirius, а famous collection of expensive men’s luxury watches with a platinum case and 295 diamonds of the best quality. These timepieces were officially presented in 1991. A new era was also marked by the release of new beautiful Concord watches for sale, such as ladies La Scala models and C1 Chronograph watches. Now you have a great possibility to buy famous Concord watches here, on our website, at very attractive prices. We offer only 100% authentic Concord watches for sale made by this well-known brand.