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The Clerc brand famous for its handmade fine watches was founded by Charles Rémy Clerc in Geneva, in 1874. But the real history of this company began only in the 1970’s. Despite the keen competition in the market of high end watches, the company was able to develop a reputation as a wonderful Swiss watchmaker. For today, there are nearly forty branded stores all around the world. But you can also buy Clerc watches online here, on 300watches.com.

The company has released many wonderful collections. It is working hard to create the best Clerc watches for sale. This manufacturer uses only modern technologies to produce real treasures. For example, the Odyssey watches have a gorgeous case made of a mix of black titanium, stainless steel, 950 palladium, ceramic and rose gold. Clerc is also known for its diamond luxury watches for men and women from the CXX Diamonds collection, sports timepieces from the Plongeur CXX collection, and also its own tourbillon models. Using the best latest technologies, Clerc tries to do its best to compete with the rivals on equal terms.

The company produces 4-5 thousand Clerc watches for sale every year. This number is not impressive, but the brand’s motto is to do the high-quality and original models instead of thousands of similar fine watches. The more the better - is not for Clerc! So our online store invites you to buy these famous Clerc watches at very attractive prices valid only on our website!