Citizen started its watchmaking business in Japan in 1918. This is a gigantic company, producing 21% of all luxury watches sold in the whole world. The business began with Yamalaki, jeweler from Japan, when he founded the Research Institute of Horology. In 1924, he launched his first pocket Swiss watch, but the brand name was registered officially only in 1930.

The first wristwatch powered by quartz movement by Citizen made this company famous and recognized. The fact was that this timepiece had an error of 3 seconds per year. The company is known for the great invention – an analog watch that uses the solar energy. The timepiece possesses an LCD display and was powered by quartz movement. One more sample of Citizen high end luxury watches is a Japanese shock-proof watch.

The numerous representatives of sport watches are the Citizen proud too. The designer watches for divers became the most important invention. The company presents different water resistant timepieces, which were equipped with depth sensors. One more feature that distinguished these timepieces was the 0.40 mm thick movement. This is the thinnest movement in the world!

The company always have been looked forward; it strives for the most innovative techniques and creative ideas. One such idea finally was turned into reality. The company launched a device that has a possibility to receive the energy from the light. Therefore, the 1995 Eco-Drive models appeared. The energy, received from the ambiance, stores in these devices, so the watch can work for month in the dark.

Citizen is a nonstandard company that represents the art of innovation in form of luxury watches. There are different devices that could gained the attention of the whole world. The Citizen Quartz 790 model of fine watches is a very flat timepiece. The Hyper Aqualand has a possibility to connect to the computer. The Space Master Chronograph is a radioguided timepiece, which possesses a timer, tachometer and high-level antenna. Citizen is a very contemporaneous and a future proof watchmaker, which designs high end watches for men and women.

The Citizen Company took part at the BaselWorld 2011. It showed the whole collection of Eco-Drive luxury watches. One of the most remarkable model was the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave. This modern timepiece has the GPS system, which helps to know time for any country and city, the perpetual calendar and word time of twenty-six cities.

There was presented one more unique watch - the Citizen Astrodea. This watch is a part of a collection of timepieces that is distinguished by its functions. The watches show the sun and moon locations, the starry host, the sunset and sunrise, the length of a day, etc.

Citizen makes a specialty out of different precious accessories, like jewelry pieces and sunglasses, computers and production equipment. The famous Citizen watches are made thanks to microelectronic circuitry.