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The Chaumet Company was founded in 1780 by a wonderful jeweler Marie Etiene Nitot from Paris. That was a good time, when all famous people and the elite wore as much gold accessories and precious stones as possible. The company prospered and grew until 1987. That period it was headed by Jaques and Pierre, two brothers of the Chaumet family. But soon they got into numerous debts and the company became bankrupt. After all, the brand was bought by the LVMH group. It was a very profitable acquisition, and the company made more than 300 million dollars selling Chaumet watches at quite high but fair prices.

Now the Chaumet brand is known as the manufacturer of the best luxury watches. Celebrities and rich people all over the world are fond of branded Chaumet watches even despite their prices. For today, the company is famous not only for its timepieces, but also for bracelets, necklaces, diamond jewelry pieces and other precious accessories. However, there is a great variety of Chaumet watches for men and women powered by automatic or quartz movements and sold at different prices. This company is definitely one of the most successful manufacturers in the watchmaking world. Thereby, 300watches is very proud to present the most popular samples of authentic Chaumet watches at very attractive prices.