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Chanel is a famous French fashion house known thanks to the "Chanel №5" perfume. The founder of this company, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel Bonheer, opened her first store in Paris in 1909. It was a millinery shop that made her name popular very quickly, and soon the local fashionistas fell in love with all branded products. In 1971, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel Bonheer died at the age of 88. But in 1982, the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld headed the House of Chanel, and several years later the company expanded its business and signed a contract with watchmakers. Thus in 1987, the first Coco Chanel watches were presented. They belonged to the Premiere collection that had a huge impact on the world of Haute Horlogerie.

The popularity of Coco Chanel watches grew and in 2000, the company released its first unisex watch collection under the name "J12" that is still one of the most famous series of luxury watches. In 2012, the famous Premiere model was renewed and completed with a unique flying tourbillon mechanism that minimizes the error of the watch move. The camellia-shaped tourbillon was decorated with diamonds respecting the name of the founder who loved these flowers.

Today, the brand produces several watch collections, which include about 65 models. 300watches is happy to present Chanel watches for sale on our website. Furthermore, you can buy Chanel watches online at prices lower than the retail value. We are sure that every connoisseur can find its own luxury watch in a great variety of branded timepieces.