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Cedric Johner

Cedric Johner, born in 1966, a native of Geneva, was fond of jewelry pieces and high end watches since his childhood. Before starting his own career, he had a chance to work at many companies, like in Chopard, the famous watchmaker, and other more or less known watchmakers. He got out much precious information from these years of work and learned a lot about Swiss quality, precious materials, natural diamonds, hands, dials and other watch elements.

His own first luxury watch element was a case, known as Abyss. It had a spherical form with rounded corners and a skeletal crystal to make it look more aerial.

Cedric with his spouse Christine founded their work shop in 1997. He always wanted to be an exclusive designer and watchmaker, who could produce everlasting luxury watches by hand, using only the best materials and fine details. He never wanted to be on the list among many other best trademarks.

Cedric spent practically all his money for creating cases for his first four fine watches made of 18k gold. He made an order for best spheres in the Chaux-de-Fonds, a well-known respected vendor. The bracelets for these designer watches were made in his native town, Geneva.

Later, Cedric published a small catalogue “Abyss”, where the small number of his beautiful top luxury watches was presented. The fortune smiled on him. One supplier from New York City ordered two expensive mens luxury watches. By-and-by he received one more order of 30 timepieces from this buyer.

Nowadays, Cedric lives in Switzerland and possesses a wonderful workshop. He is at work on unique timepieces for special clients. In his studio there are two goldsmiths, two watchmakers and one artisan. Cedric and his team do everything all by themselves: cases, bracelets, spheres and other details for original and high quality timepieces.
Such famous companies like Chopard, Jaquet, Soplad and others regularly make orders for their high end watches for men and women.

Cedric Johner is not just a professional of his own business, he is a talented designer and creative inventor. He made The No. 10. This is a caliber with a 22k gold rotor, which possesses 65 hours of power reserve. This is his own idea and design.

Many people asks Cerdic to create and produce the one of a kind timepiece. He can offer many variants, like gold timepieces, chronographs, watches made of stainless steel, diamond watches for women and other jewelry pieces.

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