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Ettore Bugatti emigrated from Italy and started his own company in Molsheim, a small town in France in Alsace region. During World War I, Ettore Bugatti developed aircraft engines, and then he realized his talented ambitions in creating the racing motors for airplanes and sportive motorcars.

Etorre Bugatti was a passionate engineer and an adventurous artist at the same time. Creating his sports class cars for successful men, he tried to create all for complete, ideal gentleman's image. In the 1970s, Ettore Bugatti presented his first clothing item. It was the famous Bugatti raincoat, and the new fresh conception of "the Bugatti style man" was born. Today Bugatti also produces clothing, but the brand also deals with leather goods, fashion accessories, luxury watches, and perfumes. 

A luxury watch is the important detail of the man's status, and Bugatti is ready to propose it for the watch connoisseurs. Since 2001, Bugatti has been cooperating with the Parmigiani luxury watches manufacturer, and produced the Bugatti Type 370 with an unusual design as the successful result of this cooperation. This is the artwork with a tube-shaped watch body with a dial located at the side of the watch. Bugatti luxury watch’s mechanism is located in an upright position. These expensive luxury watches have been produced in limited series of 50 watches per year since 2006. 

The unique watch series Bugatti Faubourg Type 370 in pink gold is available for Bugatti connoisseurs and is limited to 50 copies only. The total quantity of Bugatti Type 370 luxury watches issued is no more than just 200 high end watches. That was the decision of Bugatti. The only two unique designer watch models of Bugatti Type 370 were assembled to the date of centennial of the "Bugatti" brand. Both of these designer watches were made of gold and platinum, and have already been sold at auctions. 

In addition to watches for men, the women's watches jewelry collection was presented by Bugatti as well. Bugatti and Parmigani Fleurier presented the high end watches with PF 510 caliber, manual winding, a seven-day energy reserve and a 30-second tourbillon. The unique watch model is designed for a Bugatti 16C Galibier car. The removable designer watches Parmigiani Type 370 Bugatti Tourbillon are installed on the dashboard of the Bugatti Galibier exclusive car instead of the standard clock. These high end Bugatti watches can be used as a wristwatch or a pocket watch on a chain as well; they are made of gold or platinum, and have a great engraving. The luxury watches of this model accord the line style of the car, locating in the center of the dashboard, come with a leather strap as a wrist watch, and thirdly, they are transformed into a pocket watch on a chain.

The Limited Edition PF 354 caliber Tondagraph is made in white gold and equipped with a tourbillon and chronograph. Tondagraph Bugatti luxury watches are limited to 30 copies, and all items are handmade. 

The designer watch Parmigiani Fleurier made by Bugatti is covered with 18-carat gold, and its price starts from $200,000; it is just the item that creates the man’s status. For more strong emotions of more demanding watch connoisseurs, the watches with diamonds are available.