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The House of Bucherer is famous all over the world for its luxury creations. It has 200 branded Bucherer watch shops in 47 countries, and its collections are represented by the excellent high end watches for men and women.

In 1888, the founder of this brand, Carl-Friedrich Bucherer, decided to start a business producing fine watches and jewelry. After his death, the company was headed by his sons. They were trying to improve the manufacture and increase the production. The demand for these famous timepieces was high, so the brothers had to purchase additional materials and jewelry in large quantities. Thereby, the Diamond Watches collection was very successful despite the fact that such Carl F. Bucherer watches had a quite high price.
In 2001, the company had a debut at the Watch and Jewelry Show, where Bucherer displayed its best luxury watches and other jewelry pieces. In 2009, the world could see one more outstanding collection named EvoTech that received an increased amount of attention, especially thanks to the Patravi EvoTec DayDate model.

Bucherer is a well-known watch brand that is on a level with such renowned watchmakers like Omega, Patek Philippe and Rolex. Each model of this company is created for a special client. And you can be one of them! Our online store offers a great possibility to buy Carl F. Bucherer watches at a very reasonable price.