Edouard Bovet was the founder of the well-known watchmaking company with a big history. He started his business in the city of fog, London, where he obtained a lot of experience making Bovet watches for sale. In 1818, he went to China where he managed to sell a big number of fine watches. The business was looking well so the Bovet family decided to move from rainy London to their homeland, Switzerland. But Edouard continued to work in Chine till 1830. The main and most important award for the company was a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Paris for their luxury watches. These gold timepieces were made especially for the emperor of China.

After the Edouard’s death, the company was sold several times until finally it was closed down in 1922. Surprisingly, in 1997, the Bovet brand name was born again with some changes for sure. It was called Bovet Fleurier Watches SA. And the first collection of Bovet watches for sale named Fleurier was very successful. The company represented a handy model made of stainless steel or gold or even decorated with diamonds that can be used as a wristwatch, a table clock, or a pocket watch. The team was working some years before this real transformer exclusive piece of Bovet watches for sale saw the light. So if you want to buy authentic Bovet watches at reasonable prices, look at our online store. 300watches is happy to represent the best designer timepieces created by this renowned brand.