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Remo Bertolucci, the founder of the Bertolucci brand, spent 30 years working for Mimo Watches with his beloved one, Pierrette Michelotti, when finally he made up his mind to launch his own business. Thus, in 1987, he started creating Bertolucci luxury watches that combined Swiss high quality and Mediterranean style. The new brand took a high rank on short notice. Its creations were sold like hotcakes and, in this way, generated good profit. The first Bertolucci watches for sale were made of 18k gold and had white dials decorated with beautiful gold Roman figures and hands. These timepieces gained a high popularity, so the company definitely was on the right path.

The most successful period for the brand was the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The company’s sales were so high that it was needed to produce millions of Bertolucci watches for sale. They differed too much from other precious fine watches: all women were deeply in love with diamond timepieces while all men wore stainless steel watches. This was a real watch boom. But in 1999, Remo had an accident, fell into a coma, and the family had to sell the whole company. But the brand, now headed by Phillippe Balais, is still very successful, and it continues creating the best Bertolucci watches for sale. Moreover, for today, these unique designer watches are the talking point for many famous people and celebrities. So now you have a great opportunity to purchase amazing Bertolucci watches at very reasonable prices here, on 300watches.com.