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Benrus is a well-known American company, manufacturer of the best luxury watches. The company was founded in 1921, when one immigrant opened a small clock hospital in the center of New York City. It was Benjamin Lazrus.

Benjamin and his brothers were engaged not only in repair work, but also watch selling. In the period of 1921-1924 the brothers were importing and selling expensive fine watches. In 1924, Benjamin went to Switzerland, where took a lease of a factory. Since that time he started producing his own timepieces before purchasing Ebauchers watches. What for? These high end watches began to be very popular and fancy, but their internal components were not so good and finished off. He improved them, adding more details and using better materials, and sent them to his first factory in the United States. There his brothers placed the company’s trademark and put the timepieces up for sale. The Benrus luxury watches are a mix of American design and Swiss high quality.

After World War II, during which the company had developed efficiently as the main factory was situated in Switzerland, Benrus launched a wonderful sample of its designer watches – a calendar watch. It has a date window where the owner could see the day, month and year. This timepiece was one of the most complex watches at that time. In the 1950’s, Benrus was the third-largest player in the watch market in the United States. The first place belonged to Hamilton, while the second place – to the Bulova watch factory.

The company successfully continued producing the best high end watches for men and women. The Benrus timepieces were fancy and met with a ready market sale. The very desirable representative of luxury watches was Sovereign Belforte. The timepiece Technipower was on the charts too in the period from 1960 to 1970.

In 1977, the company was formally shut down. Nowadays the famous Benrus watches are an ultimate dream of every watch collector and antiquary. The vintage rare masterpieces went down in the history of watch manufacture.

There are some more interesting facts about this genius company. Belrus was one of the very first watchmakers, who presented the water resistant timepieces. The pocket watches for Disney with cartoons on the dial were an honor of the company. Also, it was Belrus – the first watchmaker, who became the sponsor of a television program.

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