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Bedat & Co

Bedat & Co is a Swiss brand which specializes in production of ladies luxury watches. The company was founded 18 years ago by Simone Bédat and now is considered to be one of the best and most famous fine watches manufacturers.

The history of the famous brand began in 1996, when Simone Bédat decided to create her company that would specialize in ladies watches. She had profound 50 years experience in watch industry, as she worked for Camy and Raymond Weil Watches. In 1995 Simone and her son Christian sold 24% of their Raymond Weil Watches shares and started their own business.

The concept of the brand and the first collection of luxury watches for women were presented during BaselWorld in 1997 by Christian Bedat. The main idea was to create watches which would combine modernity and authenticity. Entrepreneurs also claimed to promote such values as timelessness, refinement and finesse. These features helped these Swiss watches to immediately become one of the most wanted best sellers.

Family business eventually became a high-profitable worldwide company which designs different types of luxury watches, such as diamond timepieces, stainless steel watches and sophisticated gold watches. The Maison draws its inspiration from Art Deco, bringing into being the beauty of lines through the magnificence of diamonds and high-quality materials.

In 2006, despite the tremendous success, Simone and Christian sold their shares to the Gucci Group who started to work with new designers. Nevertheless Bedat & Co still remains the Swiss company with extraordinary legacy and excellent reputation.

One of the characteristic features of Bedat & Co collections is that every piece has its number. This form of naming creates consistency and powerful symbolic meaning, although there is no chronological sequence. Besides, numbers are easy to remember, whereas names sometimes can be difficult to pronounce and spell. There are No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 7 and No. 8 and each of them has its own distinctive features.

The Bedat No. 1 watches, for example, are contemporary and elegant. Their main distinction is a crown which is fitted into the frame.

No. 2 collection was inspired by Art Deco design with its exuberance, luxury, and glamour.

Collections No. 3 was created back in 1997 and is still popular among ladies all over the world. Each timepiece is tonneau-shaped with beautifully jewelled dial and perfect lines of the case. This collection comprises the best luxury watches of the brand.

The Bedat No. 3 bracelet type watch is a stainless steel Swiss watch with vibrant and radiant orange strap and amazing scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It is suitable for swimming as this model is water resistant to 50 m. This timepiece is a perfect choice for confident and fashionable young women.

All in all, Bedat & Co ladies watches are a fusion of modern style and best traditions of Swiss watch making. If you want to choose and buy one of these excellent timepieces, you can look at 300watches.com special offers. Now you can easily buy watches online and keep up with all the latest sales and news.