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Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier is one of the first watchmaking companies in Switzerland with a very long and rich history. Brand’s focus on producing only high-quality Baume & Mercier watches has guaranteed it fame and reputation for many centuries. The company’s story of success started in 1830 though the foundation for its origin was laid in the distant 1542, the time when a reputable watch master Louis-Joseph Baume invented his own watch mechanism. However, the official opening of the Baume & Co.’s manufacturing house happened only in 1830 and was conducted by Louis Victor Baume and Pierre Joseph Baume. A new historical stage of the company’s development started in 1920, when it was joined by businessman Paul Mercier. The result of Baume and Mercier’s collaboration was the launch of the new luxury watch brand in Geneva that started its production of high-quality Baume & Mercier watches.

The 1930s and 1940s were marked for this company by introduction of innovative, elegant designs, the release of new luxury collections of Baume & Mercier watches for men and women, and opening of branded shops in Europe and North America. Moreover, this brand is credited with creating the first chronometer watches, making reliable mechanical watches for athletes, and producing luxurious ladies watches like, for instance, the Marquise gold watch, the Baume & Mercier hit of the 1950s. For today, rectangular cases of Baume & Mercier watches together with astounding reliability and precision of their movements are still conquering the hearts of Haute Horlogerie connoisseurs.