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The history of Ball high end watches’ appearance in the world of luxury watches market is quite unusual. The roots of this famous luxury watches come from an audacious event that occurred on the cross rail in America in 1891 in Ohio. Two trains crashed moving on a high speed to each other. During those times, America still neglected the accuracy of time and watches were not widespread even on the railway platforms. There were no time zones, and pocket watches were rarely adjusted to show the correct time. So this occasion brought the country to such a sad circumstance of the two trains’ collision that caused huge and impressive accident. 

The government had to undertake special measures to prevent such unforgivable mistakes on a railway and assigned Mr. Webb C. Ball as a rail inspector. Mr. Webb C. Ball was a watchmaker at the same time and implemented sophisticated and stable time schedule along with making all the railway stations in America equipped with adjusted watches. This simple but important innovation led to right time discipline from America to Canada.

Three years later, the watchman Webb Ball equipped all the train stations with watches and being interested in watch producing, opened his watch company in 1894 and registered it in USA. He oriented his designer watches business to sports watches and became a pioneer in producing high end watches, assembled under the Ball brand name. It has become a famous and unique luxury watches brand that manufactured masterpieces with Swiss high-quality components inside. Later Ball moved to Switzerland and managed to export his designer watches from there. 

As Ball watches were initially aimed to equip the railway station, but they were further equipped to resist all unfriendly conditions like high water pressure, scratches and other unfavorable surroundings. Following this philosophy, the Ball watches were examined and tested in different challenging conditions. In 2006, the Ball watches were tested at the depth of 109 meters down the ocean by the famous diver Guillaume Nery, taking Worlds Record in diving. The Ball luxury watches from its diver’s collection are amazing. "Engineer Master II Diver" was performed using the highest technology and strongest materials. Water resistance of high end watches by Ball reaches 300 meters. Another know-how of the Ball watches is the gas tubes that allow the clock-face to be visible under any hard condition such as total darkness or deep underwater. 

The excellent model among high end watches of Ball brand is "Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster X-Lume". Represented in 2009 and performed with stainless steel and 4- millimeter sapphire glass, this unique luxury watch possesses water resistance of 333 meters. The additional particular feature of that sample of designer watches became the extreme anti-shock and anti-magnetic ability.

Having got many patents and delighted impressions of the luxury watch connoisseurs, the Ball watches appear to the first line for real adventurers and sports amateurs. 25 years of durability with micro-gas technology, shock resistance to 7,500 G, with extreme protection system and functioning with 40 C degrees temperatures makes all these luxury watches’ features meet a high enthusiastic response.

The Ball luxury watches are welcomed not only by men, but also performed as ladies luxury watches. Ball watches also manufactured the ladies designed watches for any female character.

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