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The Azad Company is based in New York and specializes on producing watches of the luxury category. The name Azad means from Persian word "freedom", which is the main concept of the brand. Thanks to its laborious work, the Azad luxury watches brand stands now in one line with popular and traditional brands. Azad offers their consumers not only traditional watches but the "drop" of a fresh design. 

In 2009, the company presented its first men's watch. The first collection was a limited edition. The price range varies from $1,000 to $50,000. Among the clients of the brand, there are Donald Trump, Lil Wayne, Mat Daymon, and the rapper 50 Cent. In the Azad brand, you can take the original version of the collection, or you can get an upgraded version – the same watch but with diamond decoration. This upgrade to the luxury status is possible in each line of the brand. Both versions are great and delightful. 

Azad reached high popularity in 2009, after its famous line sponsoring the Olympics – with an involving, intriguing title of “Legends of the Game”. It was the edition of watches for the US bobsled and skeleton teams. By the way, the brand is American in its essence: some of the Azad luxury watches (‘Johny Marines,' ‘Hal-ywood') show kinship with the American culture. More than that, Azad fine watches are a great alternative for customers who want an Americanized fine watch. The Azad luxury watches company is headquartered in New York, and it has clearly grasped the American urge towards unusual designs and originality as opposed to restrained Swiss classics and long-standing luxury watchmaking traditions. 

A real pearl of the luxury watches collection presented by the Azad luxury watch brand is Selfani – an exquisite, luxurious sample impressing with exuberance of diamonds and precious metals. The Selfani 78CT watch model is presented only in 500 copies, which makes it a very rare and collectible item. Hence, it is clear why the present fine watch is regularly sold for no less than $100,000.

The company seeks to be recognizable for its bold, cool design. Azad best luxury watches are furnished with Swiss Quartz movements. The Azad brand offers its unique collections of timepieces that represent the tradition of fine luxury watches’ creation. The brand whose name means Freedom represents the freedom of free time to do everything one desires and wants.

Azad is one of the youngest luxury watch brands in the modern high end watch market; however, there are already many connoisseurs and watch collectors who hunt for Azad luxury watches for their collections. At 300watches.com, you can obtain Azad luxury watches at a reasonable price, and make an order for Azad watches.